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natural stone rings

Artisan Made Natural Stone Rings
dalmation jasper band ring   lapis dome ring   black onyx band ring   tigereye band ring

Dalmation Jasper Wide Band Ring
1/2" wide natural gemstone
Price: $25.00 NMR-05



Natural Lapis Dome Ring
dome part is 1/2" wide, band
part is 3/8" wide
Price: $30.00 NMR-03

  Black Onyx Ring
Price: $19.00 NMR-17
6mm wide SOLD


Tigereye Band Ring
Price: $28.00 NMR-18
1/4" wide
pic 2

hematite band ring   fossil band ring   carnelian faceted band ring   banded jasper band ring
Hemitate Band Ring great for MEN
Price: $15.00 NMR-19

  Crinold Fossil Wide Band Ring
Price: $19.00 NMR-08
  Carnelian Faceted Band Ring
Price: $10.00 NMR-05 1 LEFT

  Banded Jasper Thin Band Ring
6mm wide
Price: $19.00 NMR-14
Sizes Left
Artisan Made Natural Stone Rings
tigereye band ring   dalmation jasper   wide tigereye band ring  
Tigereye Thin Band Ring
Price: $25.00 NMR-04
pic 2 SOLD

  Dalmation Jasper Thin Band Ring
Price: $20.00 NMR-15
6mm wide

  Tigereye Wide Band Ring
Price: $25.00 NMR-12 SOLD
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