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Artisan Made Necklaces
Turquiose & Black Seed Necklace jet green turquoise beaded necklace spiny oyster turquoise kingman beaded necklace    

Turquoise & Black Seed
Bead Necklace
Price: $48.00 NMN-40

Black Jet Heishi Necklace
Price:$48.00 NMN-44

Green Turquoise Necklace
Price: $72.00 NMN-30

Spiny Oyster Heishi Necklace
Price:$48.00 NMN-45

Kingman Turquoise
Price: $225.00 NMN-37
coral bead necklace lapis necklace white buffalo necklace red seed bead necklace turquoise heishi necklace  
Natural Red Sponge Coral
Price: $72.00 NMN-22
Natual Lapis Beaded Necklace
Price: $72.00 NMN-24
Natural White Buffalo
Price: $65.00 NMN-23

Red Seed Bead Necklace
Price: $42.00 NMN-31
Turquoise Heishi Necklace
Price: $58.00 NMN-39
Artisan Made Necklaces
blue seed bead necklace   white bead necklace   chip turquoise choker   chip malachite choker
Blue Seed Bead Necklace
Price: $42.00 NMN-29
  White Seed Bead Necklace
Price: $42.00 NMN-36
  Turquoise Choker 16"
Price: $25.00 NMN-41

  Malachite Choker 16"
Price: $25.00 NMN-27
chip white buffalo choker   lapis chip choker   Coral, Turquoise, & Heishi Necklace   Golden Heishi Necklace
Chip White Buffalo Choker 16"
Price: $28.00 NMN-17
  Chip Lapis Choker 16"
Price: $25.00 NMN-26
  5 Strand Turq.,Coral, &
Heishi Necklace
Price: $57.00 NMN-42
  7 Strand Golden
Heishi Necklace
Price: $38.00 NMN-43


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